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Let's go to the Finale: Innovact Award 2014 (April 01-02, Reims)
Our prototype = Virtual Robot Farmer
based on similarity analyses

Special prizes from INNOREG-KMRIÜ (2013) for innovative Students
(Innovation Agency for Central-Hungary)
Dead heat for two tasks: quality management of studies and
new moduls for production plannig softwares
based on similarity analyses

National Innovation Prize of ITBN 2012 for SeaLog
a software for suspicion generating
based on similarity analyses

MY-X FREE, the online analytical tool
supported by INNOCSEKK programm in Hungary (2006-2009)
based on similarity analyses

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Welcome! Here You can browse MIAU (Medium on Internet for Agricultural / Applied Informatics in Hungary)!

Keywords: online communication, applied computer sciences, best student papers, diplom papers, PhD-documents, e-learning, articles, studies, annexes, reproducibility, standards, ...

MIAU was founded in 1998. In the background of this new design there are 3 point to realize: including more topics (agriculture vs. applied IT), providing more content (descriptions) in English, ensuring validated sites.
The former versions of MIAU can be browsed through the last menu item (MIAU.GAU.HU old versions).

If You have a question, please, do not hesitate and write us an email.
The following list contains the last 10 documents of the MIAU-catalogue. For more items You can edit the URL (db=...).

MIAU No.Szerzõ(k) / Author(s)Cím /TitleURLÉv /Date
miau192Pitlik LászlóAutomatisierte Generierung problemspezifischer Prognosefunktionen zur Entscheidungsunterstützung - Inhaltsverzeichnis der Dissertation
(Automated generation of problem-specific functions for forecating targeting decision support)
miau192Pitlik LászlóOnline adatközlések konzisztenciájának ellenőrzése Solver-rel
(Checking of consistency in case of online data assets using Solver)
miau192jun/sen. Pitlik László, Pitlik MátyásA naiv Idő, mint konzisztencia-alakzat, avagy heterózis-hatás a didaktikában?!
(Naive Time as consistency-shape, or heterosis in the didactics?!)
miau191Alföldy-Boruss AndrásAz ötlettől a megvalósításig: stresszkutatás
miau191Szilágy LeventeAz ötlettől a megvalósításig: virtuális robot farmer
(Virtual Robot Farmer)
miau191Pitlik LászlóAz ötlettől a megvalósításig: virtuális állatorvos
(Robot veterinary)
miau190Szilágyi LeventeOnline virtuális robot farmer - CISCO pályázat
(Online virtual robot farmer - CISCO application)
miau191Pitlik LászlóAngol és német innovatív regionális környezet szubjektív felmérése
(Subjective impulses about english and german regions according their innovation potential)
miau190Pitlik LászlóInnovatív kontrolling, tervezés, monitoring, minőségbiztosítás
(Innovative controlling, planning, monitoring, quality assurance)
miau190Alföldy-Boruss AndrásA stressz menedzsment új generációja
(Stress management next generation)

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