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Let's go to the Finale: Innovact Award 2014 (April 01-02, Reims)
Our prototype = Virtual Robot Farmer
based on similarity analyses

Special prizes from INNOREG-KMRIÜ (2013) for innovative Students
(Innovation Agency for Central-Hungary)
Dead heat for two tasks: quality management of studies and
new moduls for production plannig softwares
based on similarity analyses

National Innovation Prize of ITBN 2012 for SeaLog
a software for suspicion generating
based on similarity analyses

MY-X FREE, the online analytical tool
supported by INNOCSEKK programm in Hungary (2006-2009)
based on similarity analyses

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Experiences with development and maintaining of online analytic services

Leading article: 2014. April (MIAU No. 188.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 187.)

Keywords: data-driven policy making, operationalism in the hermeneutics, robotized thinking, automation of heuristics, multi-layered consistency, knowledge management, suspicion generating, simulation, virtual measuring
The principles of the data-driven policy making (or similarity analysis) are able to cover a lot of layers in the human thinking processes: e.g. suspicion generating, simulation, heuristics, explorative modelling, forecasting. This is possible on the base of human intuitions being transferred into source codes and being controlled through complex multi-layered consistency (self)-checking. The virtual measuring delivers special pictures needing hermeneutical support, which could be operationalized. Therefore more and more knowledge management phases can be automated and optimized. With other words: the classic human thinking can be robotized in a sophisticated way nowadays too... (more)

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