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Let's go to the Finale: Innovact Award 2014 (April 01-02, Reims)
Our prototype = Virtual Robot Farmer
based on similarity analyses

Special prizes from INNOREG-KMRIÜ (2013) for innovative Students
(Innovation Agency for Central-Hungary)
Dead heat for two tasks: quality management of studies and
new moduls for production plannig softwares
based on similarity analyses

National Innovation Prize of ITBN 2012 for SeaLog
a software for suspicion generating
based on similarity analyses

MY-X FREE, the online analytical tool
supported by INNOCSEKK programm in Hungary (2006-2009)
based on similarity analyses

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Subjective impulses about english and german regions according to their innovation potential

Leading article: 2014. July (MIAU No. 191.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 190.)

Keywords: eDigiregion, statistics vs. intuitive impressions, optimization vs. holistic approximation

Innovation potential can be derived based on statistics. In this case each phenomenon should have a direction, which describes, whether the more or the less value is better. The result of an n-dimensional evaluation can lead to the same fitting in case of the most objects and few objects can be seen as rel. good or bad. Parallel to this objective approximation, subjective impressions can also be involved into holistic system evaluation. The statistic-oriented approach try to find optimal solutions based only on given facts. The subjective approach makes possible to handle with unlimited constellations and their potential connections. Therefore the subjective way can produce intuitive ideas, which could not be derived based only on facts... (More)

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