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Let's go to the Competition HUNINNO: 2014.X.15-17. Innovative stress-management and Virtual-Robot Farmer in Budapest
Special prize for the NGSTRESS-project in the finale!!!

Let's go to the Finale: Innovact Award 2014 (April 01-02, Reims)
Our prototype = Virtual Robot Farmer
based on similarity analyses

Special prizes from INNOREG-KMRIÜ (2013) for innovative Students
(Innovation Agency for Central-Hungary)
Dead heat for two tasks: quality management of studies and
new moduls for production plannig softwares
based on similarity analyses

National Innovation Prize of ITBN 2012 for SeaLog
a software for suspicion generating
based on similarity analyses

MY-X FREE, the online analytical tool
supported by INNOCSEKK programm in Hungary (2006-2009)
based on similarity analyses

'Ember-kísérletek': close2

avagy a prevenció robotizálása

Hová tart vajon egy-egy idősor?
avagy céginformációs rendszeradatok nagyító alatt

Milyen csoportok bújnak meg 2D-s pixel-halmazokban?
avagy mi az ideális klaszterszám?

Melyik honlap az ideális?
avagy komplex értékelési feladat éles szeműeknek

avagy egy kérdőív sok mindent elárulhat...

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What kind of cultural parameters having effect on movement- and body-awareness in states of USA? - Part I.

Leading article: 2016. May (MIAU No. 213.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 212.)

Keywords: term-creation based on artificial intelligence, similarity analysis, modelling, simulation, diagnosis

Abstract: The parameters having effect on movement- and body-awareness in the different states of the USA were studied according to previous scientific results based on big data from Google Trends. There are significant differences in movement and body awareness among the different states of the USA. Therefore, the authors searched the parameters having effect on differences of movement- and body-awareness in the states. The following parameters were interpreted: geological and climatic conditions, economical background, education level, religions, urban population ration, age-profile of the actual state... More (DOC) *** More (PDF)

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